July 26, 2022How to Activate PS5 as Primary (Console Sharing & Offline Play)

When you have a PS5 console, it’s important that you know how to activate your PS5 as the primary console. By activating it as the primary, it will allow any account on that particular console to play games and use applications that have only been bought with one account. It’s also great if you want to share your PlayStation Plus and all of the games that you have downloaded.

Console sharing and offline play will allow you to share your games and apps between multiple accounts to some extent. These are great features considering the limited availability of games for PS5s.

How to Activate Your PS5 as the Primary

Setting up your PS5 as the primary console for game sharing and offline play is incredibly easy. But, it’s important to note that the first console you use to login in to PlayStation Network will be set as your preferred primary console by default. If this is the console you wish to use as your primary console, then you don’t have to do anything else.

However, if you want to enable it on another PS5 console, here’s how to do it:

→ First, go to the “Settings” icon. The settings icon located on the top right-hand corner of your home screen.

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→ Then click on “Users and Accounts.”

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→ Go click on “Other” and click on “Console Sharing and Offline Play.”

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→ From there, select enable (select activate) or disable the Console Sharing and Offline Play features. The primary feature is automatically enabled on the PS5 console used to login in to PlayStation Network for the very first time., so it’s worth noting that you can only have one PS5 with console sharing and offline play turned on.

With the primary feature enabled, this will share all your games and media with all the other accounts on your PlayStation 5. This means that if you have multiple other accounts on the console, they’ll also be able to access PlayStation Plus and all the other media content.

After activating it, you can now go back to your home screen. All of the downloaded titles from the PlayStation Store will be shared across all accounts so that other users can access them. Take note that you can only have one primary console at a time. So, by enabling it on another console, it will automatically disable it on the other PS5 that has it enabled.

Note: Make sure that you buy and download your games on your primary account to be able to share them with your other accounts.

What is Console Sharing with the PS5 Primary Account?

A setting that connects your console to your PSN account is console sharing and offline play. It also allows users to share their games, other media, and apps with anyone else. Whatever PS5 console you activate this on will be able to run all of your games and media even when the console is offline.

You can enjoy various PS Plus features like Game Help and play any games you’ve installed. You will also be able to enjoy your games and other apps on another PS5.

It is one of the best features Sony has released. It makes sharing games a lot easier compared to before when you had to physically lend someone your disk.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PlayStation Plus?

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PlayStation Plus is a monthly subscription service offered by Sony that is essential for online play on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 systems. The PlayStation Plus Game Library has up to 400 game titles, each jam-packed with modern gaming adventures, genres to explore, and dynamic online communities to join. It is divided into three categories, the Essential, Extra, and Premium plans.

What is the PlayStation Network?

The PlayStation Network (PSN) is a digital entertainment service that you can use with your PlayStation. You can use a PSN account to download games and streaming apps like Netflix to watch TV and movies.

How Many Account Can You Have on the PS5?

You can only have one active PSN account on your PS5 system. However, you can have multiple user accounts on one console so that you can switch between them easily. This is a great benefit for those who want to share their console with family or friends.

How to Deactivate PS5 as Primary?

To deactivate PS5 as the primary, simply complete the steps mentioned above, but instead of clicking on the “enable” option, click the “disable” option.

Why Are Console Sharing and Offline Gaming Not Showing Up on My PS5?

If you are having a hard time activating your PS5 as primary, it would be best to contact PlayStation’s support.

How to Remotely Deactivate All Consoles?

If you don’t have access to a PlayStation console, you can still disable and sign out of all or any devices associated with your account via Account Management on your web browser.

To accomplish this, first sign in to “Account Management.” Then, select Device Management > PlayStation Consoles > Deactivate All Devices.

Final Thoughts

Activating your PS5 console as primary is a feature that has been around for quite some time now. However, some users have been caught abusing this feature, which made Sony introduce a few primary console activation limits and security features.

But overall, it is definitely a great feature to allow you to share your games and other media with family and friends.

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Happy gaming!