July 10, 2022How to Change PS5 Background  (Can You Really Change It?)

The PlayStation 5 is one of the most popular and best-selling game consoles on the market today. It is an impressive gaming console, so there’s no doubt you’d want to get your hands on it.

If you’ve managed to snag one from the PlayStation Store, you’ve probably seen and experienced the brilliance of this gaming machine. And now that you have your own PS5, you’re undoubtedly looking for ways to personalize it and make it truly yours.

And the best way to personalize your gaming machine is to change the background to a unique background screen.

Personalizing your home screen with a custom wallpaper is definitely easy to do with a PlayStation 3 or 4. But can you do the same with the PlayStation 5?

Let’s talk about it!

Can You Change Your PS5 Background?

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To put it bluntly, no, you can not actually change your PS5 background. Currently, there is no way to change the background on your PS5 dashboard. The only time that you can actually change your PS5 dashboard background is when you change the game you are hovering over. This is because PS5s have a dynamic home screen.

The PS5 has a dynamic screen background which changes the background depending on which game you’re hovering over or playing. Therefore, you can’t really change your home screen with custom wallpapers no matter how hard you try to search for a way.

Will You Be Able to Change the Background in the Near Future?

Users of the PS3 and PS4 can customize and download themes (even exclusive themes) and change themes on their home screens. This fact tells you that Sony isn’t against background changes.

But, currently, there is no other way of changing your screen background with custom themes. However, there could be a chance that PlayStation could add this feature somewhere in the future. Sony could create a software update to create a new UI to allow you to change the theme of your PS5 home screen—although that’s not set in stone.

Changing the Background on Your PS3 and PS4

Since PS5s have a dynamic background, the theme or wallpaper changes depending on the game. But don’t worry, you can change your PS3 and PS4 wallpaper with a custom theme by:

  1. Click on the “Settings” menu from the main menu.
  2. Click on “Themes”.
  3. Choose a theme that you want on the “Select Theme Screen” that suits your tastes.
  4. If you don’t like the themes on the Themes page, then you can select “Custom” to choose a theme or wallpaper image you want.
  5. From there, you can change the theme of your screen.
  6. Click “Apply” when you’ve chosen your theme or custom image.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will PS5 get Themes Like PS4?

The PS5 comes with a dynamic theme by default, which is one of the main reasons the system doesn’t have many customization options, which is why there are no custom themes available. If things change in the future, we may see such a feature introduced via a software update from Sony.

Can PS5 Use PS4 Themes?

Since PS5 does not have the ability to change themes, you can not use PS4 themes with PS5.

Why Did Sony Remove the Custom Theme Feature?

Up until this day, it’s unknown why Sony removed customizable backgrounds from the PS5 because they have stats that show how many people use this feature. A theory is that maybe this feature wasn’t profitable for Sony since most of the time, themes were free or on sale.

How Can I Customize My PS5?

Since you can’t customize your PS5 background, there are other ways you can customize your PS5 to be yours. You can paint the case of your PS5 or you can also customize the PS5 control center by moving around icons.

To do this, you have to:

  1. To access the control center, press the PS button.
  2. Click on the options button after selecting an icon in the control center.
  3. From there, choose the icon you want to move around.
  4. You can now move the icon. Place the icon where you want it, then press X to lock it in place.
  5. To hide an icon, drag it to the screen’s Hidden Controls section.
  6. Repeat the previous steps until you’ve finished configuring the control center to your liking, and then press the options button.
  7. After clicking on the options button, you’ll be back to the original screen.


That’s a wrap. There is no solution to changing the background of your PS5, but don’t fret. Other options to customize your PS5 exist as well. Let us hope that Sony decides to update and include this feature in the future. However, for the time being, you must make do with the default UI.

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Happy gaming!