May 13, 2024Best Indie Mobile Games

These days, the youth are really into playing games on their phones. 


It’s super convenient because you can have fun wherever you are, whether you’re waiting in line or taking a break.


While there are numerous mobile games accessible, indie games have received worldwide recognition for their creativity, ingenuity, and unique gameplay mechanics. 


In this guide, I’ll jump you into the world of indie mobile gaming, examining a wide range of apps that highlight the originality and brilliance of independent creators. 

My Top 20 Best Indie Mobile Games

1. Monument Valley

We kick off our list with Monument Valley, a visually stunning puzzle game that takes players on a surreal journey through a world of optical illusions and impossible geometry. Developed by ustwo games, Monument Valley features breathtaking visuals, intricate puzzles, and a mesmerizing soundtrack that gets players in its enchanting world. Guide the silent princess Ida through a series of Escher-inspired landscapes, manipulating perspective and geometry to navigate through the labyrinthine levels. 

2. Alto’s Odyssey

Next up, we have Alto’s Odyssey, the sequel to the critically acclaimed Alto’s Adventure. Developed by Team Alto, this endless runner game invites players to get into a serene sandboarding journey through breathtaking desert landscapes. Glide gracefully across dunes, soar through the air, and perform dazzling tricks as you explore dynamic environments filled with hidden secrets and challenges. With its minimalist art style, relaxing gameplay, and amazing sound design.

3. Threes!

In Threes!, players must combine numbered tiles to create multiples of three while strategically navigating a grid to maximize their score. With its simple yet addictive gameplay and charming art style, Threes! has earned widespread praise from players and critics alike. Whether you’re a casual gamer looking for a quick fix or a seasoned puzzle enthusiast seeking a challenge, Threes! offers endless hours of entertainment and brain-teasing fun.

4. Florence

Florence is a heartfelt interactive story that explores the highs and lows of a young woman’s first love. Developed by Mountains, this narrative-driven game follows the journey of Florence Yeoh as she navigates the complexities of relationships, career aspirations, and personal growth. Through a series of beautifully illustrated vignettes and interactive puzzles, players are going in Florence’s world, experiencing the joys and struggles of love, loss, and self-discovery. 

5. Mini Metro

Mini Metro is a minimalist strategy game that challenges players to design and manage an efficient subway system in bustling cities around the world. Developed by Dinosaur Polo Club, this addictive puzzler features simple mechanics, intuitive controls, and procedurally generated levels that offer endless replay value. As you expand your metro network, you’ll need to carefully allocate resources, optimize routes, and adapt to the ever-growing demands of your commuters..

6. Reigns

Reigns is a unique strategy game that puts players in the role of a monarch tasked with ruling a medieval kingdom. Developed by Nerial and published by Devolver Digital, this innovative title combines decision-making mechanics with Tinder-style swiping gestures to create a compelling gameplay experience. As you make choices that affect the fate of your kingdom, you’ll need to balance the needs of your subjects, manage your resources, and navigate the intricacies of politics and diplomacy. 

7. Old Man’s Journey

Old Man’s Journey is a visually stunning adventure game that follows the emotional journey of an elderly man as he revisits significant moments from his past. Developed by Broken Rules Interactive, this narrative-driven experience invites players to explore picturesque landscapes, solve environmental puzzles, and uncover the old man’s memories through a series of interactive vignettes. 

8. Donut County

Donut County is a charming physics-based puzzle game that puts players in control of a hole in the ground that grows larger as it swallows objects and buildings. Developed by Ben Esposito and published by Annapurna Interactive, this quirky title offers a unique twist on the puzzle genre, challenging players to strategize and problem-solve as they navigate a series of increasingly absurd scenarios. 

9. Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure is an endless snowboarding game that invites players to start on a breathtaking journey through majestic alpine landscapes. Developed by Snowman, this visually stunning title features simple one-touch controls, procedurally generated terrain, and a dynamic weather system that adds depth and challenge to each run. Whether you’re racing down steep slopes, performing gravity-defying tricks, or escaping from pursuing elders.

10. Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to the award-winning puzzle game Monument Valley, offering players a brand new journey through mesmerizing landscapes and mind-bending puzzles. Developed by ustwo games, this visually stunning title expands upon the original’s formula with new mechanics, characters, and environments to explore. Guide a mother and her child through a series of surreal levels filled with optical illusions and impossible geometry.

11. Limbo

Limbo is a dark and atmospheric puzzle platformer that challenges players to navigate a treacherous world filled with deadly traps and hostile creatures. Developed by Playdead, this critically acclaimed title features haunting black-and-white visuals, ambient sound design, and a cryptic narrative that unfolds without dialogue or text. As you guide a young boy through eerie forests, decrepit ruins, and otherworldly landscapes, you’ll encounter a series of increasingly challenging obstacles that test your reflexes and problem-solving skills. 

12. Inside

Inside is a gripping puzzle platformer that gets players in a dystopian world filled with mystery, danger, and intrigue. Developed by Playdead, the same studio behind Limbo, this atmospheric title follows the journey of a young boy as he navigates through a series of haunting environments and encounters sinister adversaries. With its stunning visuals, amazing sound design, and thought-provoking narrative, Inside offers a compelling gameplay experience that blurs the line between art and entertainment.

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13. Reigns: Her Majesty

Reigns: Her Majesty is the sequel to the critically acclaimed strategy game Reigns, offering players a fresh take on the monarchy simulator genre. Developed by Nerial and published by Devolver Digital, this innovative title puts players in the role of a queen tasked with ruling a medieval kingdom. As you make decisions that shape the fate of your realm, you’ll need to balance the needs of your subjects, navigate political intrigue, and solve the mysteries of the game’s branching narrative paths.

14. The Room Series

The Room series is a collection of critically acclaimed puzzle games that challenge players to solve intricate puzzles and uncover hidden secrets in a series of atmospheric environments. Developed by Fireproof Games, this award-winning franchise has earned praise for its innovative gameplay mechanics, amazing storytelling, and stunning visuals. 

15. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a charming farming simulation game that invites players to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and start a new life in the peaceful countryside. Developed by ConcernedApe, this indie gem offers a rich and amazing gameplay experience, allowing players to cultivate crops, raise animals, explore dungeons, and build relationships with the colorful inhabitants of Pelican Town. 

16. Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP is an atmospheric action-adventure game that combines retro-inspired visuals, amazing sound design, and innovative gameplay mechanics to create a truly unique gaming experience. Developed by Capybara Games, this indie gem follows the journey of a lone warrior as he get into on a quest to recover a mystical artifact known as the Megatome. 

17. Night in the Woods: Mobile Edition

Night in the Woods: Mobile Edition is a narrative-driven adventure game that follows the journey of a young cat named Mae as she returns to her hometown and reconnects with old friends. Developed by Infinite Fall, this indie gem features charming hand-drawn visuals, quirky characters, and a heartfelt story that explores themes of friendship, identity, and existentialism.

18. The Witness

The Witness is a critically acclaimed puzzle game that challenges players to explore a mysterious island filled with intricate puzzles and hidden secrets. Developed by Jonathan Blow, this indie masterpiece features stunning visuals, amazing exploration, and mind-bending puzzles that will test your logic, observation, and lateral thinking skills. 

19. This War of Mine

This War of Mine is a profound and emotionally stirring indie mobile game that thrusts players into the brutal realities of war from a civilian perspective. Set in a city ravaged by conflict, players must navigate through scarcity, danger, and moral ambiguity as they struggle to survive. The game’s emphasis on resource management, moral decision-making, and narrative depth creates a gripping experience that challenges players to confront the complexities of war and the human condition.

20. Gris

Gris is an evocative and visually stunning indie mobile game that takes players on an emotional journey of self-discovery and healing. Set in a serene world filled with breathtaking landscapes and intricate platforming puzzles, Gris follows the journey of a young girl named Gris as she navigates through her own emotional turmoil. 


Indie mobile games have proven time and again that they can rival, and often surpass, the big-budget titles in terms of storytelling, gameplay mechanics, and emotional resonance.


Indie mobile games have proven time and again that they can rival, and often surpass, the big-budget titles in terms of storytelling, gameplay mechanics, and emotional resonance.


So my advice to fellow gamers is simple: embrace the indie revolution. Seek out these hidden gems, support independent developers, and celebrate the diversity of experiences they bring to our screens. 

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