July 20, 20224 Fortnite Tips and Tricks

Fortnite is all the rage these days. As a matter of fact, Fortnite has become quite a thing for a couple of years. One of the reasons the commotion about Fortnite never seems to die down is due to its dynamic nature. The developers of the game designed it in a way that plates will always have surprises coming. They regularly install exciting updates into the game so that it never becomes boring. 

It’s not just the new features that make this game so awesome. It’s also the new challenges that come with every season. Even if you’ve been playing Fornite for quite a while, there are always going to be new territories and levels that will keep players engaged. But also due to this dynamic nature of Fornite, it demands flexibility on the part of the players. If you want to keep on playing, you need to keep on getting better. You can never be too good for this. 

And that is why, in this small blog of mine, I decided to write down some of the best Fortnite tips and tricks that will certainly come in handy for most of you beginners out there. 

What is Fortnite?

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For sure, some advanced and intermediate players can also learn a thing or two from the gaming tips that I am about to share. But the aim of this blog post is to enable Fortnite newbies to adapt to the game. 

So, let’s start with the basics. What is Fortnite? Don’t think of Fortnite as a game. Rather, you should consider it a virtual world of multiple possibilities. 

The moment your character gets dropped into the game, the sky is the limit with what you can decide to do in-game. Just be careful though. Since this is a battle royale game genre, don’t be surprised to find opponents lurking around the corner. 

4 Ways to Play Fortnite

Fortnite is similar to some other popular online games like Call of Duty (another gem that you can also plug into your PS4) in the sense that there are multiple game modes. 

Let me introduce four game modes within the Fortnite world.

  • Battle Royale

Fortnite is introduced as a battle royale game first and foremost. You can think of this as the classic game mode in Fortnite. 

In the Battle Royale Game Mode, you will be taking off from the Battle Bus and onto an island where you will be battling up to the last player. Let the best player win!

  • Zero Build

This one is a lot like Battle Royale except there are zero buildings around the area. It is a great game that serves to test a player’s traversal ability as well as weaponry and item utilization. 

There is no other way for you to maintain cover than through the Overshield. You can recharge the Overshield at any time during the game. 

  • Creative

This game mode is precisely what its name says it is. It lets you get creative as you build islands and games you can share online with your friends. 

As you turn your vision into reality, Creative also enables you to play the games that your friends have created in this game world. 

  • Save The World

The Fortnite gaming world is fantastic but I have to say that the Save The World game mode is my absolute favorite. 

In this game, you will be transported into a game world where will be teaming up with other players in order to hold back an army of monsters from completely infiltrating the world. 

4 Fortnite Tips and Tricks

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Now that we have gotten those things out of the way, we can begin to talk about how to make the most of your Fortnite experience. Here are some of my tips and tricks to get even better at Fortnite. 

1. Don’t Be So Eager To Get Off The Battle Bus

Most players are excited to jump off into the air and into the battlefield but this can be one of your biggest mistakes as a player. 

If you get onto the battlefield so quickly, there is a bigger chance that you will be gunned down by an opponent in the first two minutes of your game. This can totally ruin your groove in the game. 

Hence, I would recommend that the moment you hear the honk, wait at least three to five seconds before getting off the bus. That way, you will have less competition when you reach the battlefield. The best part is that there will be a lot more loot for you. 

2. Aim For The Small Shield Potions First Before The Larger Ones

Inventory is critical in any online game. This is why you need to really be picky with what you put into your inventory. 

Think about it. If there are too many unnecessary items in your inventory, you wouldn’t be able to pack up on the real deal (the ones that really make a difference when you are face to face with a really challenging opponent). 

This is why when it comes to shielding potions, we highly recommend that instead of storing the small ones in your inventory, you might as well drink them all up. And as for the larger potions, these should be the ones to keep in handy in the inventory. You may need them at a later time during the game.

3. Play With Headphones ON

This is very crucial. The thing with shooter games is that players are always so good at hiding. They are good at camouflaging. 

So, if you ever have hopes of being the last man standing, you have to be extra sensitive with what you’re hearing. Opponents could be lurking around the corner but you wouldn’t have a clue unless you have your headphones on. 

4. Don’t Destroy Trees Completely

Wood is an excellent material to build materials but if you ever need to chop down some wood, be careful not to kill off the tree completely. You may want to leave at least 50 health for the tree. And this is because if trees are completely destroyed, this gives your opponents an easy way to hunt you down.