August 14, 2022How to Cancel PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus is an ongoing paid subscription on both PS4 and PS5 gaming systems. Subscribing to this service enables you to receive at least one or two complimentary games each month that you can install into your Playstation. 

On top of these free games, there are also gaming capabilities that become available to you (that otherwise won’t be accessible if you are not a PlayStation Plus subscriber).

Why Do Gamers Subscribe to PlayStation Plus

The most overt reason for someone to subscribe to PlayStation Plus would be the money that he can save up. 

Typically a single PlayStation game would cost over 60 USD for viral games and about 20 USD for older games. 

Meanwhile, if they are subscribed to PlayStation Plus, they are able to download two free games per month (which technically isn’t free since they are paying for the subscription) instead of having to pay for the full price of the game. 

It’s an excellent offer, especially for people who are new to Playstation. Let’s say that you’ve just gotten your first PS4 or PS5. That’s definitely going to get you feeling excited to play all sorts of games. And it just feels like a dream to play so many games for the price of 10 USD. 

So Why Should People Cancel PlayStation Plus?

We are in no way suggesting that people should stop using PlayStation Plus. Techzumo is not for or against using this service. 

But one common reason for gamers to eventually step out of PlayStation Plus is the issue of ownership. 

Gamers can sometimes get really emotionally invested in their games. They want ownership over the games that they play. But with PlayStation, the reason you are paying such marginalized prices is that you are not actually purchasing the games. Instead, you are renting them. 

That is why by the time you lose or you cancel your subscription with PlayStation Plus, you will lose all of your games. 

So, in the end, you learn that you really do need to invest a bit of money on gaming if you are indeed passionate about it. 

How to Cancel PlayStation Plus

So, now that you’ve gotten to this point, how exactly do you cancel your PlayStation Plus?

Web Browser

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1. Simply sign in to your Sony Account

2. Go to Account Management

3. Click Turn Off Auto-Renew


1. Navigate to PlayStation Plus

2. Go to Manage Membership

3. Select Subscription

4. Click Turn Off Auto-Renew


1. Navigate to settings

2. Go to Users and Accounts

3. Select Account

4. Head to Payment and Subscriptions

5. Go to Subscriptions

6. Click PlayStation Plus

7. Turn Off Auto-Renew

What Is The Best Way to Own PlayStation Games?

Buying and installing games straight from your Sony account has been quite the rage lately. But as for veteran gamers, nothing beats purchasing the good old game discs from video game stores. 

Games can really accumulate in value over the years. So not only will you be able to have loads of fun now but in the future you could also make a few wuick bucks from these PlayStation games. Besides, as a gamer, it can also be a good idea to be a game collector.