September 11, 2022Among Us PS4 Game: A Quick Overview

This probably isn’t the first you’ve heard about the game Among Us. It is a relatively simple but one that has become incredibly popular quite recently. 

To be honest, the popularity of the game started way back. And perhaps I should have written a blog about it a lot earlier. But better late than never, right?

What Is Among Us?

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Even though for the lot of you, I know you are already familiar with the game, just want to provide an introduction all the same for the sake of the ones who have heard of the game but never actually played it. 

Among Us is a game that takes place on a crew ship. It can be played by 4 – 15 players. As soon as the game starts, the players will be taken into the crew ship and each player will take the form of a crew member. 

The game can be played on your Android/Apple phone. But I prefer to play the game using my PlayStation. The flexibility of the console and the wideness of the screen enables me to enjoy the game a lot better. 

You are getting ready for take-off – but not so fast! There is actually one or more of you who is only pretending to be a crew member (but it actually an impostor setting out to murder everyone on the ship). 

Your job is to finish all the tasks (in order for the ship to take off and go back to civilization) as well as keep an eye on the impostor. The impostor (s) needs to found out so that he can be evicted from the ship. 

How Do You Know If Someone Is An Impostor?

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There can be subtle clues if someone is an impostor. Keep a close eye on the actions of one of your crewmates. 

You’ll if someone is a real crewmate if he is also fulfilling his tasks on the ship. However, if someone is just suspiciously roaming around the ship, be careful, that person may just be the impostor. 

If you often find someone in places where something has been previously sabotaged, that can be a telling sign that someone is an impostor (not all the time though). 

Be careful of the crowd. Sometimes, the impostor will try to fit in by following everyone where there may be tasks to fulfill. Beware, the impostor is just waiting for you to be left alone so that he can kill you without anyone noticing. 

There is a CCTV area in the ship. You may want to visit this area from time to time. Or you could assign someone to be on the lookout every now and then. If you’re lucky you will be able to witness the crime precisely as it is happening. 

When you do, just be careful because you could be the next victim. The impostor doesn’t want you going around telling people his real identity. 

Overall, it is a game of teamwork. Still, it is important to keep your eyes and ears open. Not everything is what it seems in the crew ship. 

3 Elements Of The Game

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The game is as simple as it can get (definitely a lot simpler compared to other game love such as The Walking Dead and Marvel Spiderman). But we’ve spotted three elements that make the game what it is. These are:

  • Crewmates

Before you are boarded the ship, you will be waiting along with the other players in the waiting area. 

In this area, you can customize the appearance of your character. If you are the host of the game, you can also decide on what settings you want the game to revolve on as well. 

When the game begins, the system will let you know if you are chosen to be a crewmate. If yes, the only thing you need to do all throughout the game is to make sure everything in the ship is in order while also avoiding getting killed. 

While roaming the ship, you will also find some dead bodies from time to time. You gotta report it when this happens. 

An emergency meeting will take place and then you can all vote on who the impostor could possibly be. 

Once you’ve voted someone, he will be evicted from the ship and the game will let you know if he is the impostor. 

If it turns out that you’ve cast an innocent crewmate, know that he’ll still be back on the ship as a ghost. He can no longer vote during an emergency meeting but he can try to finish his tasks so that the crewmates can still have a shot at winning the game. 

  • Impostor

Once the game begins, the system will let you know if you were chosen to be an impostor. If you do get lucky enough to become the impostor, your main task in the game would be to sabotage the ship and kill the other crewmates. 

There are secret hatches inside the ship. If you run the risk of getting caught after killing someone, you can hide in these secret hatches. 

You can sabotage other elements of the ship like the electricity for an easier kill. While the lights are out, you can head to your target and make your kill. Just be quick so that the others won’t notice that you are gone. 

You need to get close enough to a crewmate in order to go for the kill. With that, it would be a good idea to make use of fake tasks as a way to blend into the crowd. 

When you do make a kill, you can be the one to report it. And during the emergency meeting, you have the option to cast a vote as well and frame innocent crewmates of being the impostor. 

Now is your chance to show off your mastery of deception and sabotage. 

  • Social Deduction

For every funny business that goes on on the ship, there is going to be an emergency meeting. Things can get confusing because while you are trying to figure out who the impostor is, the impostor is also around trying to frame other people for their wrong deeds. 

Once the group has decided who to throw out into space, there is no going back. You could end up getting the impostor but there is also an off-chance that you’ll get someone innocent. 

If you do throw out the impostor, it is already game over and you win. If not, then it is right back to fix the ship, and hoping to figure out who the impostor is pretty soon.