September 4, 2022The Walking Dead PlayStation Series: Everything You Need to know

Everyone is practically a zombie fan these days. It’s pretty safe to assume that we’re all curious about what it’s like to live and survive the world during a zombie apocalypse. Watching zombie movies just isn’t the same compared to experiencing the same ordeal. 

Well, lucky for you (all of us), you can stop wondering. You can actually live a life of a zombie apocalypse through The Walking Dead Series. But right before you jump in head first to this dead world, I knitted up the time so I can share with you guys this quick-and-easy guide to survival. 

Better Keep Your Headsets On

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The Walking Dead is pretty much a chill game. That’s one of the things I love about it. So if you want to have some fun without too much racket, this could be the game for you. 

But don’t get a little too carried away. It may be chill but you’ll be surprised that there’s already a zombie right behind you ready to take a bite. 

Trust me. If you have to repeat a level so many times, the game can really be frustrating. So, if you want to enjoy the game to the fullest, you will get the best experience by keeping your headsets on. 

What happens when you put your headset on? You focus. You pay attention. Pay attention to the sounds. If you do, you’ll be able to tell right on time if there is someone behind you. It will help you survive surprise zombie attacks. 

Do Your Best to Get Along With Other Characters

In the world of the dead, you can never go it alone. There will be hints all throughout the game that going solo would be the best. 

But the only reason they say that is because when you’re in a group, some people tend to become greedy and would betray you out of nowhere. 

So, if that’s the case and you got a stash of food, it may suddenly hit you: “hey, maybe I should just go on my own”. 

But that’s not always a good idea. Going around to get needed resources is a lot easier when you are in a group. 

Besides, if you are alone, you could be a target to some bandits you find on the road. They could leave you dead and take all of your belongings. 

Also, you can’t avoid making mistakes. One wrong move and you could find yourself in a herd of zombies. You’re no match for too many zombies when you are all alone. It’s way better to have some allies. 

Walking Dead Relationships

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The good thing is that as long as you’re nice to people, you’ll find yourself getting along with almost everyone. 

You now just have to worry about the minority that you don’t along too much with. With Kenny, you would have to take his side most of the time. If you do, he’ll be your best friend in the game. The downside to that, however, is that you’ll have to watch yourself do things you don’t really want to do in favor of salvaging your friendship with Kenny. 

But if you do decide to be more righteous in the game, you’ll get into the good side of Lilly (Larry’s daughter). 

You just have to choose which character you want on your side more. There will be a trade-off. It’s either Kenny’s your friend but Lilly isn’t or it’s the other way around. But with regards to Larry, you can’t do a thing about it. He will hate you no matter what you do. Just do your best to be nice to him regardless of how he’s like towards you and everything will work out fine. 

Remember that having better relationships with the rest of the characters in the game will make it more likely that they’ll help you out in dire situations. 

Making Touch Decisions

Almost every scene in the game is interconnected. This means that a certain decision that you make can impact a specific outcome. 

For instance, if someone requires help and you fail to provide the necessary help, this can have a profound impact on how the rest of the crew is going to interact with you in the future. 

Here’s an example [WARNING: SPOILER ALERT]. In the first season of the Walking Dead, there will be a scenario wherein you’ll have to decide whether to save Carley or Doug first. 

Take note that you cannot save both of them. If you save one, it will be too late to come to the rescue of your other friend. 

Some people will respect you for saving one of them but there will be others who will judge you nonetheless despite your heroic act. This is because even if you were able to save a life, you still failed to save the other one. 

There’s going to be a different outcome if you save Carley and another different outcome if you decide to save Doug. 

You also need to be aware that even though some events will hugely impact future outcomes, not every decision will have the same impact. In retrospect, there are even characters who will die no matter how much you want to save that person’s life. 

Panic Events

Like I said, you really need to pay attention to the sounds. It will clue you in if there are any surrounding dangers. 

But there will really be what I like to call panic events. These are events wherein you will be close to death. 

There is no way to go around this. It’s just how the game was designed. It’s part of the challenges in the game. You can think of it as a boss round. So, you just have to survive through these scenarios. 

During these panic events, the game will show on the screen what button you are supposed to press. Press that button as quickly as you can and as many as you can. Try to move in different directions as well, and pull back a bit to keep the zombie or the bandit from getting the best of you. 

Overall, The Walking Dead PlayStation Series is a bomb. The tips that I’ve presented here are just to enable you to enjoy the game to the fullest without having to repeat stages due to a lack of preparation. Well…enjoy!