September 26, 20225 Things to Love About Stanley Parable

Stanley Parable is a pretty chill game. It’s not really the kind of game that will make you jump from your chair or give you chills. No creeping opponents. No one trying to attack you out of nowhere. But it is a fun game nonetheless in the sense it can drive your curiosity all throughout the storyline. 

To understand what I mean here is a little bit of information about what you can really expect from this game.

What Is Stanley Parable?

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As I mentioned, the game is pretty chill. I first found out about this game when the COVID-19 pandemic first came around. As a matter of fact, it was one of the first games that got me into gaming. 

Anyways, the storyline goes like this. Stanley is an office clerk. His job is to sit all day at his desk and push buttons. Even though this sounds like an incredibly boring job, Stanley does enjoy having to push buttons all day. 

One day he was sitting at his desk and happily waiting for someone to order him to push the buttons but it never happened. Out of curiosity, he decided to investigate. 

You stepped out of the room and realized that no one was there. Some papers were scattered along the tables. Some were even on the floor. 

So people have been there. It’s not like the facilities weren’t touched. But there wasn’t anyone here. There was no sign of anyone. 

You looked through every corner but no one was there. 

Out of desperation, you tried to ask if there was somebody there. But there was no response. 

You looked at the lobby, the TV was turned on. Still, no sign of anyone. 

And well, basically, you just through the rest of the building trying to find a sign of life with no luck. 

I don’t think give you any more spoilers. So basically, every decision you make here will have an impact on the ending you will get. It is important to note that there are multiple endings here. 

And that just makes the game all the more exciting. You have a decision to make: to go this way or that way, to push this button or that button. 

And the weird part (for Stanley, not for you) is that there is a narrator foretelling your every move. Sometimes he’ll give hints or lecture you about what you are doing wrong. Other times, he is just going to outright mock you. 

What’s There To Love About Stanley Parable?

So, what’s there to love about the game? Is this something that is even worth playing?

1. The Narrator Just Gives Up On You

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This isn’t a spoiler. You will just have to find out which part of the game this is going to occur at all. Or maybe it doesn’t even happen for you at all since everything that happens next will depend largely on the decisions you do. 

Well, basically Stanley becomes too stubborn with what the narrator is telling him, at some point, the narrator becomes frustrated and will give up. He will just let Stanley do as he pleases. No more guidance on what to do next to survive the game. 

It may not seem like much but it is a little funny when you go to this scenario in-game. 

2. So Easy To Play

Gamers are so fun to watch. Playing video games looks so easy for viewers but once you are the one who gets to hold the controller, you’ll realize that every game actually requires a different kind of skillset. 

Well, the good thing about Stanley The Parable is that it is unlike those others games. It is relatively easy to play. 

As long as you know how to move your keyboard or your controller then you are all good. There are no opponents that you have to watch out for. 

You just gotta watch where the story takes you. So, just sit tight and relax. Due to the game being relatively easy, it is a wonderful game for people who have just gotten into the gaming world. 

3. Substantial Amount of New Content

Stanley The Parable isn’t the only easy-to-play chill game out there. There are actually a ton of them. 

But the rest of them are actually pretty boring. Don’t get me wrong. Some of the other games are good too but only during your first play. 

Of course, if you have to play the same game over and over again with the same storyline, it obviously wouldn’t be something that you’d want to play anymore. Eventually, it just gets a bit boring.

But Stanley The Parable is certainly not like that. The game is pretty dynamic. The developers are constantly uploading new updates into the game so that every few months or so you have something new to look forward to in-game. 

4. The Narrator

The narrator is certainly something. If you’ve ever played this game once or twice before, I know that you will agree with me if I say that if there was no narrator, the game will definitely suck. 

Sure, there are lots of endings that you can look forward to. The curiosity on what each door and button brings gives us some sort of excitement. 

But the narrator is the one giving life to the game. He is constantly telling you if something is wrong and would sometimes clue you in on the best option to go for next. The narrator is sort of your companion all throughout the game. 

So, yeah, he is one of the elements of the game that I so dearly love. 

5. The Mystery


The game is full of sarcasm and meta-humor, indeed. But that is not the only thing Stanley The Parable has to offer. 

No one can deny that the game also has an air of mystery to it. Regardless of the multiple endings, it is never really explained why the office has become empty out of nowhere with Stanley being the only live person left in the building. 

Maybe Stanley was just sleeping all along and all of what he experienced was just a dream. Maybe something happened to the office building reason for everyone to migrate. Or perhaps, Stanley has a mental disorder and everything that transpired was just the product of his own imagination. 

We will never really know. And part of the reason why a lot of us love Stanley The Parable so much is that we get to exercise our own imagination with regards to this.