October 6, 2022World War Z: An Honest Review

I’ve been a fan of zombies ever since I was in pre-school. I guess that explains my love for Left for Dead back when I was in high school. This was followed by a fascination for another zombie game: The Walking Dead. A few years forward, there was another zombie game I got into World War Z. 

World War Z

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I led a pretty busy life after college. So, it had to take one lockdown and pandemic to get me back to gaming again. 

It’s the lockdown and since I have nothing else better to do, why not try to get back to the world of gaming? 

I saw one of my favorite streamers play this game on his live. I thought it was pretty cool. Not only did I miss gunning down zombies, but the game’s storyline got me hooked as well. 

So, I decided to install the game on my PC. And just like that, World War Z got me playing on my computer for hours without end. 

World War Z is set during an apocalyptic period. 85% of the population has turned into zombies. Each time you turn your head, you need to brace yourself for a zombie attack or a rampage attack. 

Everyone just wants to survive. The resources have become low as well so it’s not that big of a surprise that some survivors are trying really hard to protect what they have. If that’s not what they are trying to do then they are most likely trying to take the stuff of other people just to survive. 

Well, anyway there is no single storyline. In the first chapter of the game, you are stuck in a building and your mission is to evacuate without getting killed or turned into a zombie. 

Going in on your own is going to be a tough challenge. You will meet people along the way you will become your companions throughout the next few chapters of the game. 

You will be playing with these characters for the next few chapters. But there will also be chapters wherein you will be meeting different characters. So, the storyline varies from point to point but that just makes your journey in the game all the more exciting. 

What I Like About World War Z

Let’s get to the good part. You can probably tell from the very beginning of this blog post how I am quite fond of the game. But why? Here are some reasons why I think anyone should consider World War Z a fantastic game. 

Body Movement

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World War Z is really going to immerse you in a world full of zombies which is why it is important to watch your back. 

And the good thing about this game is that it doesn’t make it difficult for you to move around. There is absolutely no buffering as far as body movement is concerned. 

The body response is fantastic. It’s fast. 

Maybe one downside of the quick body movement response is the need to aim perfectly. Since the movement is quite quick, one wrong movement of the console can lead to your character dying at the last moment especially if there is a group of zombies attacking you. 

It can be frustrating at times but this is a challenge that makes this game a lot more exciting. 

Multiple Storylines

For the rest of us zombie lovers out there, there is no better way to kill time than to waste away in a dead world trying to survive a zombie attack. 

But that in itself can be boring after an hour or two. What really keeps us glued to our PlayStation is the storyline underneath these zombie apocalypses. 

Well, the good thing about World War Z is that they have a lot of storylines for you. Each storyline is not too long or too short. It is just enough so that you will become interested in the game. 

The next thing you know there is going to be a new storyline. And the adventure begins once again. 

I don’t want to give too many spoilers so here is just an excerpt from the game itself. In one scenario, you are trapped in a building already infested with zombies. The mission is to get out of the building in one piece. 

You have to try your best to not get bit so that you can reach the train station. There have been stories going around that the train can lead you to a location where there are people and lots of food and water. 

But here is the catch. Little did you know that the trains have already been infested as well. So that is a new journey from there on. I should tell you as well that you are never going to get to the promised destination because a horde of zombies will be blocking a certain part of the rails. You need to find another way out. 

You Can Go Solo


Well, you don’t really get to go solo. If you do decide to play the game without other gamers, you can. 

But as soon as start the game, you will notice that other characters will be there nonetheless. These characters are basically bots that are programmed to be your allies throughout the game. They don’t have the skills of a real gamer but they can be pretty good assists in-game. 

The good thing is that you are able to take the lead in the game. 

I’ve experienced playing with real players and it was a real mess. This is because you would most likely be tied with players that are noobs when it comes to the game. 

Teamwork can be a real factor when it comes to World War Z. So, no matter how good you are, if your teammates are not that adept with the game just yet, it can truly impact your gaming. 

That is why I honestly prefer to play the game solo. 

Exploring Your Surroundings

It is really crucial that you explore your surroundings because there are lots of additional weapons that you can pick up along the way that can help you in case you run out of ammos or if you need another set of gun to use. 

Take note that your regular gun is only useful for regular zombies as well. As soon as you deal with more hybrid zombies, a more powerful gun is needed. And so, you can really benefit from taking a look at your surroundings. 

It is not just beneficial but it is also exciting. It makes me look forward to every scene in the game since I am bound to find more cool stuff.