November 12, 2022Resident Evil Village [Short Review]

The Resident Evil series’ long-running history of over 26 years has continuously evolved throughout the years, getting better with every release. Capcom did an amazing job with each Resident Evil release, from the 1996 Resident Evil to the very recent Resident Evil Village.

Capcom tried mixing up each game to make each one unique, but at the same time, they all have the same vibe of shooting monsters, mysteries, and a whole lot of surviving.

Resident Evil Village is a first-person survival horror game, but Village wasn’t the first first-person game of Resident Evil, it was Resident Evil 7. And with the release of Resident Evil Village, it took on the task of continuing the story of Ethan Winter surviving the horrors of Resident Evil.

However, unlike in Resident Evil 7, where Ethan had to rescue his wife from a hillbilly Helen, in Resident Evil Village, Ethan is now transported to a horrific version of Disney to rescue his kidnapped daughter from a bunch of monster psychos.

While Resident Evil 7 reworked the original’s core through the prism of a modern, first-person horror game, Village follows suit with Resident Evil 4. It almost has the feel of the long-rumored RE4 remake.

Although the perspective and gameplay aspects are the same, Village differs from RE7 in its own way, preserving some of the characteristics that made that game great while escaping the need to repeat the same material. Even with the same main character, Capcom took it upon themselves to create an even more horror-focused gameplay experience that makes it different from its predecessor, but still has the same exciting, terrifying, and exhilarating experience as Resident Evil 7.

Moreover, Village continues to improve Resident Evil while keeping a firm grip on elements of the game’s core gameplay and feel.

Quick Take

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Resident Evil Village may not be as groundbreaking as previous Resident Evil games, but it did get Resident Evil 4’s best horror-action elements with a more modern and established gameplay, much like Resident Evil 7.

So, whereas RE7 leans towards the gloomy and frightening haunted house concept of the original Resident Evil, Village changes it by drawing elements from the quicker, more tense RE4 version.

Village gives you a closed-in first-person perspective experience that keeps you pondering about the horrors that are lurking around. Resident Evil Village also still emphasizes its slower pace and exploration through its stunning, twisted landscapes.

However, Village’s approach is decidedly more action-oriented, and it’s astonishing how much farther Capcom has managed to stray away from the concept of its reboot.

Village sets a very harsh and sadistic tone at the start of the game as you, Ethan, get whiplashed into a horrific Transylvanian nightmare. Although it isn’t as groundbreaking as its predecessors, Village has an exhilarating plot and has one of the best villain lineups in the whole Resident Evil series.

With the number of different villains and monsters lurking in the shadows and some out in the open, Resident Evil Village takes on different tones when you encounter each villain and beast, which makes the game a lot more exciting.

This game takes on many different tones and has a lot of depth. It will get you hooked so much that you’ll want to delve deeper into the darkest corners of the Village’s world to uncover all the secrets and mysteries surrounding the said village.

So, do you think you have what it takes to find your daughter? Let’s talk about it!


  • Resident Evil Village has an amazing villain and monster lineup that will get you fighting left and right.
  • It has amazing graphics and visuals. Each location that each main villain presides over has a distinct tone.
  • Has a great map.
  • Interesting plotline.


  • Some of the monsters are quite easy to kill which lessens the thrill.
  • The gameplay was a bit short.
  • Underwhelming and slightly disappointing boss fights.

Gameplay and Plotline

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The game starts off 3 years and 6 months after the events of Resident Evil 7. After the events that occurred in RE7: Biohazard, Ethan took military training that will be incredibly useful for the events that will happen in RE Village.

Everything was peaceful until one night, when Mia, Ethan’s wife, was killed in cold blood by Chris Redfield, the squad leader of the BSAA Hound Wolf Squad. Chris tells Ethan that he, his wife, and their daughter’s body will be transported. Ethan loses consciousness and awakens in what looks to be a car accident just outside the village where the rest of the game is set.

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Waking up confused, Ethan wanders to the snowy woods of the village in search of his missing daughter, Rosemary. Before he gets far, he gets surrounded by what seem to be Lycans. This is extremely similar to Resident Evil 4, which is abandoned in the middle of a village infested with monsters similar to humans rather than mindless zombies.

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You will have to face these weapon-wielding monsters all throughout the game, which is quite a challenge trying to survive against these smart beasts. You’ll be frantically looking around for weapons and ammo and finding a safe place to run to.

Thankfully, the military training Ethan went through in the prologue readied him for what was to come in the village, making him much more ready as opposed to when he had to go through the horrors of Resident Evil 7.

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Aside from the Lycans that you’ll encounter at the start of the game— which also exists in a variety of forms— there are zombies, ghouls, flying gargoyles, full-fledged werewolves, and a lot more lurking around every corner. This enlarged collection of ravenous beasts not only makes for a more dynamically progressing series of fighting confrontations, but also adds some much-needed extra depth and decision-making.

Resident Evil Village’s monsters are incredibly quick, humanoid beasts. In order for your attacks to count, you must aim quickly, which significantly slows down your speed. But it does add to the suspense as you attempt to maneuver through places to avoid potential threats.

The first-person view limits your awareness, so being constantly on guard about your surroundings is critical. More often than not, you just have to escape and hope to find a better spot to stay. Nevertheless, the monsters aren’t exactly very clever. But despite their lack of cleverness, they make up for it in sheer numbers.

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Because each portion is so unique, Village gives the feel of a horror anthology, with each main villain having their own territory. To be honest, this can make it feel confusing at times, as if all the pieces are shakily stitched together. It does, however, give you a clearer understanding of the antagonists and what you may expect. This makes Resident Evil Village not just one of the most complex Resident Evil games to date, but also arguably the scariest.

Villains and Their Domains

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As we’ve mentioned before, each villain has their own visually distinctive territory that they rule over that you have to survive. This is what makes Resident Evil Village a bit different than its predecessors.

Each of the villains’ domains has different tones that you have to match. For example, in one domain, you have to be quietly and stealthily working around the place, while in another it can be a lot more intense. Some domains will also take you on a psychologically terrifying ride.

The game will make you want to uncover the secrets of each villain and the reason why these horrific antagonists have come into existence in the world. There’s no one domain exactly the same because Resident Evil Village draws on different elements from Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 4 to create the same yet different horrifying feel for Resident Evil Village.

Moreover, let’s talk more about each villain and their domains.

Lady Dimitrescu

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The very first villain on our list is Lady Dimitrescu. Her domain gives a similar vibe to the previous Resident Evil games, with a huge non-linear space to explore. Here, you get to learn and navigate the environment by exploring its tucked-away corners to find keys and solve puzzles. Every door leads to a startling encounter, a fantastic development of new gear and weaponry as you confront new threats,s and a steady escalation of action as you uncover the mysteries.

Then, just as you’re about to escape her domain, Lady Dimitrescu appears like an unkillable force, ensuring that your time in Lady Dimitrescu’s domain remains tense even as you gather the things you need.

Cassandra, Bela, and Daniela

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If you think that Lady Dimitrescu’s domain is already bad as it is, then get ready for her three daughters, Cassandra, Bela, and Daniela. The three of them are Lady Dimitrescu’s personal assistants and daughters.

They might not be as hard to fight as their mother, but they do show up unpredictably. In addition, all three of them have the same weakness as each other so fighting each of them might feel repetitive.


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Lycans are one of the first monsters you get to encounter at the start of the game. And whether you like it or not, you’re going to keep encountering them all throughout the game.

But what makes it not as repetitive as the daughters of Lady Dimitrescu is that Lycans have different forms. There are the normal human-sized Lycans, while there are also fast-moving, giant, and even armed with weapons Lycans. Plus, Lycans usually come in packs, so good luck with that!

Karl Heisenberg

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Another antagonist is the enigmatic Karl Heisenberg. He is a village engineer that wields a massive metal hammer as his primary weapon. He can also manipulate the metal objects around him, thus you must be cautious when fighting him because he appears to also be the Lycans’ leader.

Donna Beneviento

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Donna Beneviento is up next. She is considered one of the most terrifying antagonists with a doll in the Resident Evil franchise. She takes her doll, Anggie, with her wherever she goes. She can divide her dolls and control them from a distance.

Salvatore Moreau

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Salvatore Moreau is widely regarded as one of Village’s most heinous antagonists. He was a doctor before mutating. He is difficult to manage and has a lethal attack that can knock you out.

Mother Miranda

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Lastly, one of our favorite antagonists is Mother Miranda. She is the mastermind behind everything that is happening in the Village and the kidnapping of Rose, Ethan’s daughter. She kidnaps Rose in order to use her powers to resurrect her own daughter, Eva.

You won’t be facing Mother Miranda until the very last parts of the game. She has extraordinary and horrifying abilities so she isn’t an easy feat for Ethan.

Final Verdict

Going around the village will definitely remind you of a very horrifying Transylvanian fairytale. Resident Evil Village has one of the best horrifying visuals and has a decent plotline. It has a sizable map that hides a lot of secrets so you’ll be inclined to uncover every secret and look in every nook and cranny of the place.

Boss fights may have been a bit of a disappointment, but the array of monsters and villains in Village really does make up for it.

Resident Evil Village is definitely a must-try game if you’re looking for a terrifying action-packed game.

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Happy gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Resident Evil Village Scary?

Although it isn’t as scary as the previous Resident Evil games, it does have that eerie vibe that will make you wonder what’s behind you.

Is Resident Evil Village a Good Game?

Yes, Resident Evil Village is a good game. Although it may lack a few elements such as heart-pounding boss fights, they do make it up with the array of villains and plot.

Is Resident Evil Village a Short Game?

Resident Evil Village is a bit longer than Resident Evil 7, but the length of the gameplay does not come close to its predecessors. Many were disappointed because they finished the game within 10-13 hours, which understandably, is true.