February 21, 2022Laptop Gaming Setup Guide: What’s Your Aesthetic?

Are you a gamer who’s new to all these gaming setups? Then you’re at the right place! We’ve created this article for you! Here, you’ll read about how you can build your gaming laptop setup, what a great gaming setup consists of, how you can build and enhance your setup, do’s and don’ts, and more!


Enhance your gaming experience by building the ultimate gaming setup. Not only does the best gaming laptop setup make your gaming experience much more enjoyable, but it also contributes to your health, relaxation, and your comfort during long gaming sessions.

What Does A Great Laptop Gaming Setup Consists Of?

gaming laptop

An individual who just started their gaming journey would always ask, “What do I need for my gaming setup?”


To be honest, the answer to that is subjective to how you want to build your gaming setup. If you want something simple, you can stick to the basics: the basic PC, gaming chair, gaming keyboard, and desk. But if you want to be a little extra and go the extra mile, then you can go ahead and get all the other accessories like LED lights, big stereos, and many more. 

We will explore what you need (and what you might want to add) to your gaming setup below. So, go ahead and continue reading!


Laptops and Desktops

laptop and desktop

First and foremost, of course, you’ll be needing a laptop or desktop to start your gaming laptop setup journey. 


To start gaming, you’ll need the best gaming laptop, (or desktop, whatever floats your boat), or maybe even both. As long as the equipment you’ll be using has a fast refresh rate along with both a higher color resolution and accuracy to fully gauge the games’ graphics.


You can determine what kind of laptop or desktop you should purchase depending on what types of video games you’re planning to play. Playing higher-end games will need a processor that can handle the games’ graphics. 


There’s no need to spend a lot of money on this. However, it does cost a lot more to purchase a laptop or PC that has a better processor (CPU), graphics card (GPU), higher RAM, and display resolution to ensure that your gaming laptop will provide you with high performance.

Other External Displays

You can purchase other external displays, such as a monitor, to help you split tasks between multiple screens. An extra monitor is also great if you want to have a larger screen to play your game. Plus, this will significantly help with your gaming peripherals.



gaming desk

The next most important thing you’ll be needing for your setup is, of course, a desk. While shopping for your gaming laptop, the main thing you should consider is the space where you’ll be placing your gaming laptop. You have to make sure that your desk will fit every component you’ll need for your setup. Your laptop (or desktop), mouse, cords, and whatever else you need. 


It may seem that a desk isn’t as important, but a good desk will be able to enhance your gaming experience

Gaming Chair

You might think that a gaming chair is not as important as might you think and that you can use any type of chair in your house. However, a gaming chair is what enhances not only your gaming experience but will also help maintain proper posture.


Think of it like this—gaming can be an escape from reality, but with a regular chair, your experience could be ruined since your chair won’t be able to adequately support your back. 

gaming chair


A good gaming chair that is ergonomically designed and has a lot of other great features will significantly boost your experience. Plus, an ergonomically designed gaming chair will help prevent back pain.


Good gaming chairs may be pricey but some would be able to fit your budget. As long as the chair you choose is comfortable even when using it to play a game for long periods and can be adjusted, you’re all set.


Gaming Keyboard


gaming keyboard

There are a plethora of great gaming keyboards available on the market, but we highly recommend a mechanical wireless keyboard since they’re the best type of keyboard for gaming. 


A great mechanical keyboard comes in several different styles and is even customizable. There are RGB backlights, minimalist, retro, cute, and many more styles to choose from. You can also customize its switches (which you can choose between red, brown, or blue), and even its keycaps. 




The different types of switches of a mechanical keyboard will each give you a different feel, touch, and sound. Various switch types may also require different levels of force to activate their keys. Thus, you have to choose a switch type that is comfortable for you and fits your purpose — which is gaming. 


Also, take advantage of the fact that there are a ton of gaming keyboards to choose from. You can choose from a variety of styles and aesthetics, so make sure to choose one that will fit both your aesthetics and your gaming laptop setup.



Gaming Mouse

gaming mouse

A gaming mouse may not be as important as compared to a keyboard, but it has an added function that will make playing games much easier.


Gaming mouses can be customized by the user since most gaming mouses have additional buttons on the side that can be pressed by your thumb. These additional buttons will help optimize your gaming experience. 


Furthermore, using your laptop’s touchpad when gaming is incredibly hard (unless you’ve mastered the art of playing videogames with a touchpad). A gaming mouse is equipped with advanced sensors that will detect your fast movement. In line with this, if you have a large desk with a lot of desk space when using a mouse, you’ll have a lot more space to move rather than a touchpad that will restrict your movement. 


An added plus is if your mouse is wireless — you’ll have more space for movement and it will reduce the clutter on your desk.


External speakers and headsets will significantly enhance your gaming experience. Both an external speaker and headset will give you an immersive experience that a laptops’ built-in audio can’t provide. 


External speakers can offer you theater-like sounds that amp up your games’ sound quality. With a high-quality speaker, your games’ audio will be louder and more immersive. It would also offer you more realistic sounds that sound as if you’re really inside the game, with its deeper bass and clearer highs, mids, and lows. Although some companies do make high-quality built-in speakers, however, there is a quality that external speakers have that built-in laptop speakers don’t have. 



gaming headset

With headsets, it can also offer the same features that an external speaker can give. However, in our opinion, a headset is much better for playing video games than an external speaker. Why, you may ask? This is because good headsets can offer the same surround sound an external speaker is equipped with, but with a headset, you get much more detailed sounds that can help you pinpoint enemies and hear footsteps. Not to mention, with headsets, you can adjust chat room volumes and in-game sounds using their controls.


Several headsets are also equipped with mics that offer noise isolation. Additionally, some headsets are also built with noise cancellation to help cancel out unwanted background noise to help you focus on your game and allow you to talk in the chat room clearly.


There is no need to purchase both since buying both can be on the pricier side if you want high-end products. Choose one that will suit your tastes more (or budget). If you do have the budget, then upgrade your gaming laptop setup by purchasing both. But if you can only choose one, then we highly recommend the headset.


Once you have everything you need for your gaming laptop setup, extra accessories won’t hurt, right? To enhance your gaming sessions, instead of a mouse, you can purchase a controller as an alternative.


You can also enhance your gaming laptop setup with lights! Your gaming setup will be complete with this. But take note that lights aren’t really essential, so it’s up to you if you do want to add light.


Don’t forget a mouse pad. You might think this isn’t important. However, a mouse pad will allow your mouse to glide more smoothly as opposed to using your plain desk.


How To Build and Enhance Your Gaming Setup?

Use Wall Mounts

Wall mounts will help you to declutter your desk, especially if you have a lot of cords on your desk or if you have a smaller desk space. Wall mounts are a great space saver and will help you to organize the things on your desk. You can use your wall mounts to put up your speakers and other accessories that don’t need to be on your desk.

Manage Your Cables

manage your cables

Help declutter your desk by managing your cables. A gaming setup cluttered with cables isn’t a good look, especially if you’re looking to have an aesthetic desk setup. You can use cord holders that you can stick on either the back or side of your desk.


Use Monitor Arms

use monitor arm

Monitor arms will help to adjust your monitor’s height and even help to adjust its tilt so that it’s more comfortable and ergonomic. Using monitor arms will also help make your desk look cleaner and can offer more desk space. Plus, it also allows you to add another monitor since you’ll have more space.


Install Lighting

As mentioned, lights add personality and really amp up the look of your setup. Try installing lights that are customizable or ones that would pulse simultaneously with your game’s audio. Either way, lights like RGB lights or LED lights add spice to your setup.


Choose How You Can Connect

Try using an ethernet cable from your desk to your router for that added stability and faster connection for smoother gameplay.


Find Your Aesthetic

There are a ton of aesthetics to choose from. There are minimalist, emo/goth, cottagecore, cute, and many more to choose from. Choosing an aesthetic will help you to purchase products and equipment that complement each other. With an aesthetic in mind, this will help you choose which products and equipment to buy from the hundreds of things to choose from. Plus, having an aesthetic to center around your gaming setup adds a personal touch that can make your setup unique.


Add a Surge Protector

We’re not saying that this is a must, but it is highly recommended since a surge protector will protect your laptop from any sudden electrical surges that could damage the laptop. A surge protector will also protect other devices that are plugged in. 


A sudden power outage could easily damage your devices, so a surge protector will be able to prevent or at least lessen that damage.

Gaming Setup Do’s and Don’ts

There’s really no right or wrong way to build your gaming setup. But there are better ways to do it to ensure that your setup looks good and is highly efficient. So, we’ve listed some gaming setup do’s and don’ts to help build and enhance your gaming setup.

Gaming Setup Dos

  • Purchase a gaming laptop that has a powerful CPU and GPU.
  • Compatibility issues can be hard to address, so to avoid this issue, try using as many parts as you can from the same brand or company.
  • Cooling pads are a must for a gaming laptop.
  • Always manage your cables. Cluttered cables can not only make your desk look messy, but they could also cause accidents, especially if they’re clustered on the floor. You might trip on them.
  • Choose products that you are comfortable using, like your keyboard, mouse, and chair, since you’ll be using them for long periods during your gaming sessions.
  • Adjust whatever settings you need to adjust. These settings could be from your headset, keyboard, or gaming PC. 
  • Check if your laptop has many ports for you to connect your gaming peripherals, such as headsets.
  • Make sure that your system is always updated. An updated operating system will ensure smoother gameplay.
  • Purchase a laptop with great storage.

Gaming Setup Don’ts

  • Don’t buy a monitor if your laptop can’t handle your games since it can’t replace the laptop’s performance. Your external displays are just extra, so if your laptop can’t handle it, so will your monitor.
  • Don’t buy something just because it looks good. Make sure that they are high-quality and that they are needed for your setup. Always look for the specs.
  • Don’t forget a big monitor if your gaming laptop has a small display.

Final Thoughts

Every gaming setup is different and can be customized depending on an individual, so there is no need to compare your gaming setup to others. Building the best gaming setup can take time, effort, and, of course, a lot of money.


Also, there is no right or wrong way to build the best gaming setup for a single person since the concept of a gaming laptop setup and its components are subjective to an individual. Thus, creating the best gaming setup can be left to your imagination. Do what works best for you, not what works best for others. 


Although you can take notes and pointers from others’ setups just enough to inspire you:)