July 9, 2022GameMax Precision Gaming Case Review

-Breaking through the hardware installation boundaries

By Mr. Wu published

With the recovery of the game and e-sports market, the Intel 12 generation CPU was released in the market. GAMEMAX, one of the well-known IT-Hardware brands, has launched the Precision case to meet the upcoming GPU card feast. Affected by the epidemic in recent years and all kinds of virtual currency, the situation of graphics card is hard to find a card, and chip production capacity will increase, ushering in a new round of boom.

word image 1034 1

(Front drawing of the case)

GAMEMAX has devoted many years to the continuous exploration of e-sports game boxes. Innovative hardware installation methods once again improve. New Precision case with removable roof cover design.

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(After the top cover is opened, it greatly facilitates the installation of CPU, water cooling, and other hardware)

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This design is unique in the domestic game console box neighborhood. The original relatively narrow chassis installation method can be upgraded again, which can easily install the water-cooling, CPU tower radiator, and the water-cooling exhaust arrangement method can be upgraded again. Convenient for later maintenance.

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This not only reminds me of the science fiction master, Asimov, the first science fiction classic line: “Our journey is the star sea” ……

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(To borrow a classic quotation from the “Three-Body Problem”.)

Compared with our generation, people who believe in the hardware of computers, the installation of their own computers is really the way to do what they think is most satisfied with in every detail.

This is just like every time, in the process of installing DIY, it is inevitable that there will be a trace of imperfection, which is such imperfection, created a group of DIY players.

Back to business, the GAMEMAX Precision case, with a new aircraft metal CNC grille, provides high air pressure airflow in line with the mechanical design of aerodynamic

Steady flow continuous long flow. In the grille metal mesh has a certain tilt Angle, which can avoid the accumulation of dust, do, the physical level of dust proof effect.

word image 1034 6

(Black and white-Aviation craft Metal CNC grille)

word image 1034 7

(Air duct diagram of chassis front net panel)

The same case continues the GAMEMAX game empire’s innovative cooling solution. Precision COC cooling system equipped this time belongs to the second generation product, the Angle of the fan blade has been adjusted more silent, at the same time while improving the unit wind pressure, thinner, does not affect the customer installation of tower radiator back plate buckle. The previous generation of product, the Brufen C1, uses this architectural heat dissipation system. It has been widely well-received. In the process of continuously updated iteration of the second generation Brufen C3, vs The COC cooling turbo fan, was also made, with new upgrades.

word image 1034 8

(Second generation COC turbine radiator, solid back of the chassis)

By the way, popularizing the concept of COC again.

The COC is Cooling & OverClocking, which means cooling overclocking, it is a new type of heat dissipation structure, A Turbo fan is added in the chassis motherboard position, so that the formation of a new T-type targeted air duct inside the host, to help the different accessories in the host. In particular, the power supply module on the motherboard, after actual tests showed that the maximum cooling range on the motherboard reached 11°C.In addition, this technology has also obtained two invention patents and two structural patents, which is a new technology developed through hundreds of studies and development in combination with the demands of different consumer groups in many countries around the world.

What are the advantages of the COC structure over the conventional chassis heat dissipation scheme?

The general CPU heat dissipation relies on integrated water cooling or some tower air cooling, but these two types of heat dissipation are only touching the surface of the CPU for CPU heat dissipation. In fact, the heat of each module on the motherboard position is also very high, such as the south bridge chip module, CPU voltage regulation module, and the power supply module, these modules only rely on the motherboard on the heat sink is completely not enough, once the heat is too high, it will cause a variety of use problems. Such as blue screen, card ton these may appear. The COC structure can effectively heat these neglected large heaters, and the wind intake behind it can effectively take away the heat and achieve the cooling effect.

word image 1034 9

(T-Shape Air-Flow of COC )

word image 1034 10

(Real drawing of COC heat dissipation on the back)

word image 1034 11

(Motherboard heat dissipation test table)

In fact, with the support of this heat dissipation technology, computers can build an e-sports game platform more economically. Under normal circumstances, the air-cooling solution can fully meet the daily heat dissipation needs. At the same time, if the players seek the extreme experience, after the installation of water cooling, the COC fan can effectively solve the heat accumulation at the back of the CPU motherboard and can take into account the heat dissipation of the MOS tube, so that in the power consumption of the CPU, can pursue more extreme performance experience.

word image 1034 12

(Diagram of 3D cooling air duct)

This time, the Precision case, a new manufacturing technology upgrade, The details of the chassis are also full of sincerity from top to bottom, let’s combine them together.

word image 1034 13 word image 1034 14

The front panel, in order to facilitate customer maintenance, adopted the contact design, which not only ensures the integrity of the panel, but also takes into account the power supply demand, is relatively durable, and will not pull many times, resulting in solder points lose, or wiring disconnection.

word image 1034 15

word image 1034 16

(Close-up of chassis front panel contacts)

word image 1034 17

(Glass side plate Easy Open, Toolless opening and closing glass)

word image 1034 18

(Glass side plate Easy Open, tool-free opening and closing glass. Integrated design of top cover)

The most exciting part comes, the top cover quickly removes the part, and we give the pictures in detail to show you the unique part of the Precision Precision.

word image 1034 19

After removing the glass side plate, the locking screw of the top cover can be lifted.

word image 1034 20

Such a design can be complete, without blocking the installation of water-cooling exhaust, tower radiator, and other computer hardware, which is really broken through the hardware installation- – – -boundary. This is going to give the designer a thumb up.

word image 1034 21

(Details after top cover opening-1)

word image 1034 22

(Details after top cover opening-2)

The Strip and fan used in the Precision Precision can be manually controlled by ARGB HUB, and can also realize the Synchronization function with the motherboard. It is worth mentioning that the rear plate fan used this time is a newly developed tunnel infinity fan, which is lit with a mirror abyss effect. While you gaze into the abyss, the abyss is staring at you … …

word image 1034 23

(Precision Precision-C9-Infinity fan)

word image 1034 24

(Back fan, hard disk position, cable box)

word image 1034 25

(The default fan hub enables multi-fan series)

word image 1034 26

(Pull out hard disk bracket pad-1)

word image 1034 27

(Pull out hard disk bracket pad-2)

word image 1034 28

(Close up of cable management box)

word image 1034 29

(Dual magnetic dust filter, Vertical mounted bracket Optional)

word image 1034 30

(Close-up version of the top magnetic suction and dust filter net)

word image 1034 31

(Close-up of front panel)

Here, this GAMEMAX Precision case evaluation display, is basically more comprehensive, the next time we will bring the actual experience of installation. In general, this case still reflects the designer’s intentions, at the same time, the details are also to improve customer experience, strengthen the effect of man and machine changes, the case adopted, relatively new technology manufacturing process, improve the texture, but also improve the customer experience. Is, the first half of the year is more distinctive, has the characteristics of an e-sports chassis. Compared with the same door of Brufen C1, Brufen C3 and other senior brothers, the upgrade and experience brought by the Precision case is also amazing. It also proves that GAMEMAX is also on the road of continuous exploration.

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