July 14, 20227 Secrets You Didn’t You Could Do With Your PS4

You may have gotten your PS4 for a while now. You may even be getting ready to ditch it and switch it with a brand new PS5. If that’s the case, let this be your sign to hold on to your PS4 one last time. You may feel like you’ve already gotten the best out of your PS4 system but there could be a lot of hidden features you haven’t played with before that you might want to take advantage of before throwing it out completely. 

Take your PS4 for a few more months of spin. After all, despite the PS5 being a hot sensation in the gaming world, your PS4 hasn’t phased out yet. Let me tell you some of my 7 secrets about the PS4. I bet you never knew you could do this with your gaming system before.

1. Watch Your Favorite Shows

Even though you mainly bought your PlayStation to play video games, it can still feel nice to take a break sometimes. Take note. Taking a break from gaming does not necessarily mean that you need to put down your favorite gaming system. After all, the PS4 wasn’t just made for gaming. 

If you play around a bit, you’ll realize that your PS4 also enables you to utilize various streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix, and even Amazon Prime. 

2. Decide How Kids Play


If you have a PS4 at home, it won’t be so surprising to find your younger siblings or even your own children wanting to take it out for a spin for an hour or two. 

Now, this can be pretty alarming if you are the man or the woman of the house. The violence in certain games can be quite worrisome. 

But what I love about the PS4 is that it enables you to control the type of games installed by different users. 

At the same time, you will also be able to set parental controls in your console so that kids can only play for certain hours in a day or for a certain number of days in a month. 

3. Play However You Want

Your console typically has a default setting so that when you press a button you can run, jump, or attack. 

To be honest, the default setting works for me most of the time. However, there are going to be certain games that are a bit challenging to play. When this happens, this feature can be handy. 

You can simply head over to your PS4 settings so that you can set the controls to whichever buttons you. This will enable you to navigate the game a lot easier as well as enjoy the game a bit more (instead of getting stuck into a challenging phase). 

Just remember to bring back the controls to the default right after you are done playing. Otherwise, you might get confused about how to play once you decide to play your old games again. 

4. Choose Who Can Send You Messages

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If you are fond of playing online games with your PS4, you have most likely experienced received foul messages from strangers across the gaming sphere. 

These could be haters of simply players that you’ve beaten every once in a while. These messages can’t really harm you but they can be a bit of a bother. The good thing about the PS4 is that it enables you to set up your messages in a way that you can only receive messages from select people. 

That way, you’ll only have to receive communication from your friends or perhaps players that you want to collab with in the future. You can even disable your messages meaning that you won’t get any messages…ever. 

5. You Can Set Events 

This is a pretty cool feature in your PS4. Now, if you are a regular player who just takes your gaming system for a spin after work or school, you may not want anything to do with this. However, if you’re like those who already think of online gaming as sort of a sport, then this feature is certainly handy. 

Let’s say that you want to play a game with your chums on a weekend. Even though it’s a night you will certainly want to look forward to, you can’t avoid other parts of your life. Other priorities could get intertwined and you could forget about game night. 

The good news is that with this certain PS4 feature, you will be able to set an event using your gaming system’s calendar so that you will be reminded. It’s also great to use for setting schedules for game tournaments. 

6. Figure Out How To Unlock Trophies

It really gets me excited when I see trophies getting unlocked during a game. It makes me feel like such a gaming master. 

Even when you’ve already finished off a certain game, there are still lots of trophies to be won there. And as tempting as it is to just forget about the game, I do recommend that you try unlocking those trophies first before switching to a new game. 

You may think the game is finished but you would be surprised to discover a treasure chest of easter eggs there. 

How do you find it? It’s quite easy. All you have to do is to go to your trophies and select the greyed-out trophies while pressing the square button in your console. By doing so, you will be able to know how to unlock these trophies as well as figure out what these easter eggs are. 

7. Stream Games Straight to Your PC

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I really loved gaming right from the start but I eventually realized that there is something far more exciting than playing games on your PS4: streaming. 

It’s a whole lot of fun because you meet friends (and event fans) as you play. The best part about streaming is that you’ll never run out of company. 

Just download and install the Remote Play software and then connect your console to the PC using a cable. Make sure as well that both the PS4 and your PC are connected to the same Wifi and then you should be all set.